Marangu Cultural Tourism

A trip Africa is not complete without a visit to the most exciting areas for cultural and Recreational at Marangu village .Whatever your journey dream to Africa it is our aspiration to realize them . Thanks and you're warmly welcome.

Our tour guide are friendly' professional ' organized and certified .They all adopt and realize tour guide code of conduct and moral. They posses broad range knowledge of the area , and therefore you will hear a lot about the Chaga culture from them.

In order to get the most out of this experience please be Careful of fake tour Offerings and always confirm the tour by contacting me via phone or email

Day trip to Marangu village the full package. Book your life time adventure at Marangu village.

-Come and experience exciting mix of cultures.

- Meet friendly people and discover hooting beautiful scenarios which are not be found anywhere around Africa.

-Visit the most exciting areas for culture and Recreational walking at Marangu village

-Also this walking is very important for acclimatization before and after hiking the Mt Kilimanjaro and those from long safari.


Have a cup of Homemade coffee with our local people Take a walk through Marangu coffee farms and visit a local home Where you will learn the whole process of preparing coffee in traditional way from beans to cup & then you enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.


The chaga culture and history can be explored by visiting the Chaga live museum site . Several exhibitions include a reconstruction of a that chaga house with a complete livestock inside.


There are colorful local market in different location within walking distance held twice a week where "banana" selling take place. Marangu is the largest market for the sale bananas in the place Country and attracts from all over Tanzania.


Various indigenous tool are made using Iron. These are made for farming activities like hoes, machetes etc. And also chaga people get job opportunity by being self employed The product which are made are sold earn income for their daily Survival.


After the Successful of hiking Mt Kilimanjaro ,safari or gentle walking ,relax and enjoy the exotic country gardens .you also drop at the local bars (Chaga bars) drink the traditional" mbege"a local chaga brew made from millet and banana wine.


These were used by the chaga people to hide themselves from the enemies in which inside the tunnel it comprise of different partitions / galleries like kitchen , sleeping room, mortuary, livestock pattern and ambushing chamber.


From the blessed presence of the fertile volcanic soil on the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro majority of villagers are subsistence farmers, practicing cultivation on crop like coffee, banana ,beans, yams potatoes etc


Experience local life . Enjoy a delicious ,home - cooked meal in Chaga house .learn how to cook chaga food especially cooked plantain banana WATERFALLS: Explore the natural beauty of the slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Enjoy and rest in the nature beauty and peace of magnificent natural site . The music from the Waterfalls and radiant Color of the valley transform our inner and outer


Depending on weather condition , on clear day you can get the gorgeous views of Mt Kilimanjaro.


Come and stay with us, we offer accommodation in a nice house in the village or in our camp site with hot showers.