Machame Cultural Tourism

You are warmly welcome to Culture and Natural Heritage of the chagga on the green slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Machame Nkweshoo culture Tourism offer you:

- A guide visit to nkosalulu water fall and coffee farms

-A visit to the first church building

-A visit to the caves used as hides during tribal wars,

-A view of the old coins,

-To learn chagga relics, stories and tools

-A visit to local market

-Kilimanjaro trekking

-A visit to the natural forest of Kilimanjaro

-Visit to watch traditional dances

-Charity project visits

Machame Nkweshoo Cultural Tour also engages in tree planting ,water source preservation, education to children , youth and public at large through teamwork, commitment , cooperation involvement and public awareness campaign.

Forest & Natural Vegetations

your visit to these forest will enable to enjoy the real nature of Mt Kilimanjaro "The mountain of greatness" and those who opt to trek the whole mountain Will get the benefits of observation all 5 ecological zones

Tree Planting Project

All visitors who visit us will get involved in tree plating activities for at least one or two trees and hence become part of our conservation .

Local Market

get a taste of kalali market
A walk through a local community market on Monday and Thursday will give you a good perspective on how machame people live, eat interact to each other.

Coffee Farms

Exploring these farms will lead you in knowing their local Skilful practices of producing the best quality Arabica coffee using traditional methodologies. While drinking a locally delicious prepared cup of coffee, you will also be getting stories of how local farms are manage and different ways of preparing and processing coffee

Water Fall

Visitor will Nkosalulu water falls in Makoa river which is in Machame. IT is surrounded by banana a coffee plantations where you will see the indigenous people farming by traditional means.

Old Chagga Caves

These are massive underground tunnels (some caves reached a kilometer ) dwelling where the chagga tribes hid from Maasai soldies ( moran) during their tribal war.
You will get the story of this war the caves from our experienced guide when you at the caves

Our guides

Majority of the tour guides of Machame -Nkweshoo Cultural Tourism Program are ladies / women of the Wachaga tribe who knows well the area , their culture, History and are conversant in English. Most of them are Experienced in Kilimanjaro trekking and safari, they can tell about their success stories. They are all very familiar With the surrounding area and they can effectively guide you to different culture in the area.

Please avoid walking with unauthorized guides