Longido Cultural Tourism Maasai

Longido is situated 80 KM Northern of Arusha on the way to Nairobi . The town of Longido Lies on the main road , just at the foot of longido mountain rises up steeply from the plain And from an . Important point of orientation for people in the wide surrounding On the mountain and surrounding plains Maasai warriors wander about their cattle looking for pasture and water once week on Wednesdays the cattle are heard to cattle market in longido town . Maasai families live in small traditional boma scattered over the area .in the Early morning , women leave the boma to fetch water and collect firewood at a very early Age young children play around the mud houses and also begin to take care of infants and Animal some of them goes to school .In the area is an abundance of Color full I birds the Starling major the red and yellow barbet, the masked weaver, the silver bill and the Secretary bird are some of species to seen . Longido is also known for the presence of rare Mammals that cannot be seen in any of the national parks. The plain and the slopes of the mountain from the refuges for the gerenuk .the kudu and The Klipspringer .Among other animal that live around longido are Giraffe, Zebra gazelles Buffaloes, Mangooses and some silver jackals

Experience real Maasai culture through:

-Walk to refuge of bird ,like weavers, sunbird barbets and turacos.

-A climb to the impressive longido Mountain through a dance natural forest

-Walking safaris through the Maasai plain and over the slopes of longido mountain

-Sip tea in a maasai boma and again insight into the culture and daily life of the Maasai .

-Visit the historic site from British colonial times.
The profit will be used to improve primary education facilities in longido .Thank for your Previous visit we built a cattle dip, water dams and distribution point .With your visit or children will get better education.

Culture Maasai Boma Visit

You make a" bird walk" on maasai plain from the town of longido to the boma of OI tepesi. The maasai guides will help you to spot many colourfull birds and also show you trees and Plants that they use for making food and medicine. At OI Tepes , which is Maasai word for Acacia tree, the guides will invite you into a maasai boma and show their traditional way of Life since it is known that cultural Tourism sponsored the cattle dip and is now investing in The primary school , you always get a warm welcome. Back in longido the guide will Explain to you at things you always wanted to know about Maasai culture.

View Point Trekking

The one day tour add a waling safari from OI Tepes to kimokouwa along a narrow Maasai Cattle trails, that winds over the slopes of longido mountain .In two hours time you gradually climb from the plain at an altitude of 1200 meters to a view point at 1600 meters On clear days you have Beautiful view of Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru and once you have Arrived at north side of the mountain you can oversee the Maasai plains deep into Kenya. The last hour you descend to Kimokouwa's green 'valley of wells '. Nearby you can a Historic British grave.

On Wednesday you can extend your stay with a visit to the bustling colorful cattle market. Climb - longido - Mountain 2690 mts Attitude Tourism with strong legs longing for adventure can climb the longido Mountains .for only 8HRS to and for. Donkey trekking safaris 4days from longido camp , Oldoroko camp And lastly at Kimokouwa village. passing Wildlife arts Maasai Boma different mountain viewing.

2 Day Climb -Longido Mountain

1Day 1
The first day you walk to the campsite of Kimokouwa
2DAY 2

Guide by Maasai warrious you leave the campsite early in the morning and follow narrow

Footpaths through a dance natural forest. After three hours you arrive at the marvelous 'Dawa ya soup'(medicine soup) viewpoint. From here you will follow trails created by buffalo to reach the top in another two hour climb .With lound cries the Maasai warn the buffalo that people Are coming to avoid dangerous encounter

The view from the top are simply unbelievable . On clear day you can see for more than 200km

And view all mountain of Northern Tanzania . The descent of the steep mountain is another challenge . in three hours time you arrive in the campsite , have a rest and in another hour and half of you reach he jeep road where a car is waiting for you . in the evening you a meal with the FARAJA women's group.


Our guides are all young Maasai who grew up in the area .They speak some English and further use hand sings to show you the beauty of the area .They know all attractions and Dangers and have received tourism training . On walking safaris Maasai warriors armed with Knives and spears protect the tourists. The guides attended a tour training seminar organized by cultural Tourism Program all guides are wearing an identity card please avoid unauthorized guides , start tour at cultural tourism office.


In longido tourists can spend the night in longido clean LONG-I-DO sunset guest house with communal facilitates . On request warm water will prepared for you .Three campsite in the maasai plain and one campsite half way the mountain can host different group.

Maasai Women Market

At the of activities, clients can spend with our mama at souvenir women market for gift buying , a bit of traditional

Improvement Of The Primary School Facilitates

Since 1997 money generation from tourist was invested in the construction of the cattle dip of longido. Preventing cattle disease is one of a major importance for the Maasai. In January 2001 the cattle dip started it's activities new water project is recently initiated. The VDF is now invested in this project so as to supply clean water for whole community, primary school to be constructed. The community decided to take care education of their children many Maasai children do live far away from the commercial centre of the village . for that reason the primary school needs to accommodate more than hundred children. A dormitory , class room has to build for assuring the education for these children