Cultural Tour in Tanzania

Tanzania Culture

Religion: About 40-45% of Tanzania’s population is Christian and about 35-40% are Muslim (most of which live along the coast and Zanzibar and the other islands). A small number follow traditional religions and there are some Asian communities including Sikhs and Hindus. Social conventions: When meeting and parting, hands are always shaken; this applies throughout the country in both rural and urban areas. It is the convention to use the right hand, not the left, to shake hands or pass or receive anything.

The standard greeting of 'hello' is jambo. People are delighted if visitors can greet them in Kiswahili. Dress is on the whole casual but a smart appearance for formal occasions such as a business meeting or upmarket restaurant is always appreciated.

Because of its Muslim influence, the coast is a little more conservative, and away from the beach it is advised to dress respectably and cover up bare arms and legs. Alcohol is only available in the tourist areas on Zanzibar, where it is also considered highly impolite to eat, drink or smoke in public during daylight hours when people are fasting during Ramadan (the exception to this is in the tourist hotels and restaurants). Language in Tanzania Kiswahili and English are the official languages.

The terms Swahili and Kiswahili are used interchangeably, though the term Swahili normally refers to the people while Kiswahili refers to the language. Originating along the coast, Kiswahili is a Bantu language with many words derived from Arabic. Other African languages such as Bantu and those of Nilo-Hamitic and Khoisan origin are also spoken in more remote regions.

Tanzania Nightlife

There are a lot of small local bars in Dar Es Salaam where you can a drink local beer, listen to a local music, meet and chat with locals or watch a football. Biggest party days in Tanzania are Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Locals prefer to party on Sundays. There are also many events going on during the weekdays. Bars are usually never closed.

Besides that there are also many clubs in Dar Es Salaam where they are playing pop music and local pop music. With some of the local songs they have their own dances. So don’t be surprised if everybody around you are suddenly starting to dance the same way. In more local places you can also find some hookers. You can find some dance/party