Climbing Mt. Kenya

Location:Duration:Price Per Adult:
Kenya8-10 Days $1500.00

Mount Kenya Trekking– This is Mt Kenya’s main attraction and anybody of reasonable fitness can attempt Point Lenana (4985m). Trekkers should be adequately prepared. Despite its equatorial location the Mountain can be bitterly cold, and it often rains or snows. All trekkers should have plenty of warm clothing, and sturdy footwear.

Why Climb the Mountain?

Not just because it is there!!!!! but to bring the memory of living a few days of climbing with rich scenery, comradeship, learning, and challenge coming down with a powerful and fit body, and a great strength of will, self-confidence to face your daily activities!!! Challenge Yourself!!!

There are three common trekking routes on the Mountain:

Naro Moru Route is the most popular and straightforward route taking the easiest paths. This is a well supported and accessible route, best for inexperienced trekkers. Most trekking companies and tour operators use the Naro Moru route.

Sirimon Route is considered as easiest and the most popular for climbers who want to reach point Lenana, it takes two nights to reach the top.

The Chogoria traverse is a longer, more interesting route, taking the trekker through a range of terrain and habitats. There good campsites on the way, making this an ideal route for trekkers who want to take their time, discover the country and enjoy a full trekking expedition.